Our Bridge

A Glimmer of Hope….is what Consulting 4 the Spectrum (C4S) strives to give our families daily. C4S was originally established in 2007 as an early intervention in-home service provider. As a result, C4S became the first leading behavioral analytic provider to provide up to 30 hours of early intensive in-home treatment services by our very own employed ABA therapists in the Collin County area. Our goal has always been to make a difference in children’s lives, one child at a time. We discovered that many of our learners were having some challenges with generalizing skills to various environments; therefore we expanded our service options to include center based services for the families we serve so that we could continue providing exemplary services.

We can help your love one reach his or her potential by helping them “learn to learn”. Many children we serve are affected by autism, which is a very complex disorder. Unfortunately, it is often easy for others to lower their expectations for your love one. We refuse to lower our expectations for your child no matter how challenging his or her skills are. Understanding your love one’s challenges are important, but it is equally important to understand your love one’s strengths as well. We help parents understand that we first must start with prerequisites (small picture) goals which are the pieces that make up the puzzle (big picture) goals. Once we prioritize, we begin knocking down one road block at a time, therefore giving parents a “feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen” which is hope.

Our Mission to Your Child’s Future

We strive to give each family the keys necessary to open doors to a productive future for their love one, one step at a time through behavior analytic treatment. We are committed to enhancing your child’s growth exponentially.

At C4S, we utilize the principles of ABA to develop behavior intervention programs that are individualized, comprised of measurable data and objective criteria to yield positive results for children. We are able to break down the most complex skills by rearranging the environment to help children “learn to learn” and teach skills in successive steps toward an ultimate goal. These skills include, but are not limited to: language, play/leisure, social, motor, self-help and pre-academic skills.